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Hello there!

Since late 2017 we have had a dedicated team work on Installer and our other (upcoming!) projects. Since that time we have spent a lot of money on development, servers, server software, test devices & legal fees such as setting up the company. All in all we spent over $3.500.

Most of our software is and will be free & open source. Each member of our team has invested a lot of time into AppTapp, and some even spent a significant amount of money to get where we are today.

Your donation helps us:
- Run our servers
- Pay for the forum software
- Test on other devices
- Able to work more on Installer & other projects

We don't expect you to donate, but if you do we are incredibly grateful. If you want to help us out in ways other than financial help, feel free to debug Installer, spread the word, contribute to our open source projects, or tell us how we can improve.

People who donate will receive special perks, as well as be included in our supporter section in Installer.

We thank you for your support, it really does mean everything to us.

- AppTapp


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