• Hi there Guest! Installer 5 is now out of beta and available publicly!

  1. Sammy Guichelaar

    Installer 5 release candidate 3 has been released for beta testing

    Installer 5 Version: Release candidate 3-1 Released: Sunday 8th of December After yesterdays massive rc2 release we are excited to now release rc3. This version addresses most of the issues which were reported by our beta testers yesterday. Two weeks ago, we released release cadidate 1. See...
  2. Sammy Guichelaar

    Installer 5 beta 10 is now available

    Installer 5 beta 10 release 4 Released: Friday 25th of October 15:50 GMT+1 Most important changes On top of the standard changes, bugfixes & preventing crashes, this beta features several changes which we’d like to specifically highlight. UI & UX changes We are working on a massive...