AppTapp is looking for Objective-C & Swift developers to join to team

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2 May 2018
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Hi all,

AppTapp is currently looking for new developers to join the team. Specifically, we are looking for experienced Objective-C or Swift developers for Installer, our upcoming MacOS project and other projects. We are a small team of dedicated people who love working on Installer & the upcoming projects.

Please note that this application replaced previous applications. If you've previously applied and haven't had a response (we're sorry!) please use the template to re-apply.

Who are we?
AppTapp is a registered company in the EU. We are a small team with a combined 85+ years of experience in the jailbreak community. Some of members/contributors worked on some of the very first jailbreaks, and of course worked on the first package manager for iPhone, even before Cydia and the AppStore, Installer. In late 2017 we started working on the next iteration of Installer, Installer 5. Now, with Installer 5 released we are working on Installer 5.1 which will have a completely redesigned UI. We are also working on two MacOS projects as well as a platform independent project.

We care passionately about our team atmosphere. This is one of the many things that make our team great and can be seen in our friendly and relaxed slack channels. To maintain this we insist on mutual respect from all team members and some professionalism in group discussions.

What do we offer?
As I'm sure most people know, a position like this is not paid. We wish we could pay our staff, and when we launch commercial products, this may become a possibility, but for now this is not possible.
Despite that, AppTapp is still able to offer some things.
  • Working with a friendly & nice team
  • Working on several big projects
  • Tax rebates on computer products & software*
  • A chance to improve your skill set, gain professional expertise and enhance your CV
  • Promotion for your tweaks/themes via our social media pages

Joining process
Upon joining the team, a trial period of 6 weeks will occur to ensure both yourself and the current team are comfortable and happy with your position.

If you are interested in joining, use the application template below & send it to us via twitter DM, discord, or email.

Discord: Join the AppTapp Discord Server!
Twitter: AppTapp (@AppTappTeam) | Twitter
Email: samtulp6{at}


Social Links:

Github/OS Projects:

  • What interests you most about joining and working with the AppTapp team?
  • What do you feel you can offer the team with your contributions?

  1. Have you ever worked with a development team before? If so, describe the experience.
  2. Do you have experience using GitHub, authoring commits, submitting Pull Requests, and navigating client/browser interfaces?
  3. How many years of experience do you have working with Objective-C / Swift?
  4. What type of projects have you written or contributed to in Objective-C / Swift ?
  5. Are you familiar with the MVC design pattern, and comfortable implementing this pattern?
  6. How many years of experience do you have with lower level software engineering (CLI tool development, modal & parsing design, API or access to utility authoring, etc)?
  7. Describe your knowledge of dpkg/apt
  8. Do you have any experience with SwiftUI?
  9. do you have any experience working with Package Managers?
  10. Have you worked with anyone on the AppTapp team before?

*Tax Rebates: Limited to EU citizens & depends on purchase. Tax rebates in other countries may be possible but depends on their local tax laws.
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