[Open] Bug Report Crash if I try to do something while there are "active tasks".

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31 Jul 2019
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When I open the app and it automatically starts what I think is sources updating, if I tap on buttons or search for something, the app lags for a bit and then finally freezes and crashes.
I noticed a generally kinda bad performance on my iPhone 6 12.2 when opening or scrolling big lists, which sometimes makes the app crash too :(

Expected Result:
I'm able to use the app without it crashing even if it's reloading sources in the background.

Actual Result:
The app crashes if I tap some buttons consequently or I search for something.

Steps to Reproduce:

Open the app, wait for the text "int Active Tasks" to appear and then try tapping some buttons/opening lists.

Link to crashlog:
The attached "Installer5 crashlog" comes from CrashReporter, while the "log.txt" is the Installer5's private log found in "/var/mobile/Library/Application Support/Installer/log.log", renamed to log.txt so I could attach it.

Installer version: 5.0b7