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Sammy Guichelaar

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2 May 2018
The Netherlands
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Installer is now available for everyone
Most important changes

New features:

  • Added support for Cydia Store login and listing Cydia Store purchases
  • Added "Open In" support for Debian Packages
  • Icon fetching was rewritten

- This update may reset the database, and as such require the user to reimport their repositories.
- Please note, this update still uses the old UI. The redesign is slated for 5.1.

Known bugs
- If you log out of a store Installer will crash. This has no adverse effects and you will still be successfully logged out.

Full Changelog

  1. Added "Open In" support for Debian Packages
  2. Added ATPackageDPKGInstallTask for running local deb installation tasks
  3. Added a queuing limiter to limit icon fetching frequency
  4. Added refresh controls to Stores list and Store details views to refetch data
  5. Added rudimentary hex color category
  6. Added support for Cydia Store sign-in and commercial package downloads
  7. Added support for DPKG installs in ATAPTManager
  8. Added support for DPKG package info in ATAPTManager
  9. Added support for hiding separators in individual cells in RootViewController
  10. Added support for repos who's endpoint was malformed due to missing path component
  11. Added support for setting individual cell label colors in RootViewController
  12. Added validation to endpoint checks before adding the endpoint
  13. Adjusted Icon view appearance for source and package icons to improve the appearance with low resolution images
  14. Cleaned up package cell refreshing in the queue
  15. Fixed "Show Original Depictions" toggle causing crash when used before the source has been added
  16. Fixed APT sandbox user warnings when Sileo bootstrap is installed
  17. Fixed Followed Developer alert count showing crazy numbers
  18. Fixed PackageCell version labels being truncated
  19. Fixed Queue Confirmation button showing crazy task counts
  20. Fixed Source Import view title theming
  21. Fixed a KVO crash in PackagesConfirmationViewController
  22. Fixed a crash due to a retained observer in the package queue
  23. Fixed a rare crash when loading the installed packages cache
  24. Fixed an issue where icon fetching could timeout, or cause excessive cpu/memory utilization
  25. Fixed an issue where purchased cells in the store details view could show warning labels when scrolling
  26. Fixed an issue with integer conversion related to QueueOperation enum
  27. Fixed archived sources failing to refresh for the first time
  28. Fixed crash when viewing/refreshing store pages
  29. Fixed default categories becoming unorganized in odd cases
  30. Fixed installed packages label on source cell not showing on first load
  31. Fixed installed/queued package icons on PackageCell objects
  32. Fixed issue on iOS 13 while in light interface mode, some views would have dark a navigation bar and depiction text would be invisible
  33. Fixed issue where ATAPTManager would show as not running while an operation was still in progress
  34. Fixed issue where commercial packages required store authentication when queueing for removal
  35. Fixed issue where package restoration from a backup would not proceed in some cases
  36. Fixed issue where queue confirmation button could be stuck in the Waiting state
  37. Fixed issue with ATParsingUtility causing some packages to be skipped while parsing
  38. Fixed lag caused by icon fetching
  39. Fixed layout issue causing long blank space in the changes tab in some situations
  40. Fixed light mode palette colors in the Depiction view
  41. Fixed parsing issue when line length is the exact size of the buffer plus end of line
  42. Fixed signin authentication check to detect if a user was signed out using the old Sileo payment code
  43. Fixed status file check on iOS 10
  44. Fixed transparent navbar in Online Repo Viewer
  45. Fixed version labels sowing latest version instead of queued or installed version
  46. Hopefully will resolve APT issue on iOS 10.x
  47. Import any Debian package into installer and install it
  48. Improved duplicate and (null) repos showing in online repositories view
  49. Lowered icon fetch concurrent operations to 15
  50. Moved the statusFileCheck method to ATParsingUtility
  51. Packix icon corner radius now matches iOS 7+ app icon radius (or at least its closer)
  52. Provide Debian file type so Open In works for Debian Packages
  53. Refactored RepoStore utility methods
  54. Refactored package queuing methods
  55. Removed duplicate directory creation entry
  56. Removed unused command method
  57. Rewrote Icon Fetching again, this resolves some performance and memory issues, most notably in the changes tab
  58. Rewrote Package icon fetching from scratch
  59. Source and Package icon fetching now share the same technique, and utility for a centralized icon fetching
  60. Updated Changelog
  61. Updated conditional firmware macros