Important Installer 5.0.3 has been released.

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2 May 2018
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Installer 5.0.3 released

This update features major performance and UI improvements, as well as introducing several new features.​

New Features
Optional URL schemes hooking
. Installer no longer automatically hook's Cydia's URL scheme. If you would like Installer to do this, you can enable it in settings.
Followed developers new packages. When a developer you follow releases a new package, you will see the newly released packages rather than all packages by that developer.
Follow repositories. You can now follow your favourite repositories. When they release a new package you will be notified via a banner.

Major improvements
This update also features some major performance improvements, especially regarding depictions. The depiction parsing class was rewritten from the ground up and fixes multiple issues the previous version had.
This update also prevents downloaded .debs from staying on the device, even after successful installation.

Full changelog
  • Added more checks against maintainer variables to avoid false followed developers alerts
  • Added option to rehook url schemes if reset by the system
  • Added optional URL Scheme handling
  • Added settings to choose active url schemes
  • Added support for showing updated packages count on the application badge
  • Added ‘Follow repositories’ feature. You can now follow your favourite repositories and be notified when they release a new package.
  • Changed minimum iOS version to iOS 11 for now, until we have time to add back support for iOS 10.
  • Created a brand new class for Depiction Parsing, solving multiple issues with the previous class
  • Depictions banners are now cached and loaded without any delay at depiction opening
  • Disabled Cydia/Sileo url schemes by default
  • Fix Realm incorrect thread access due to creation of source object
  • Fixed URL scheme repo adding when the url didn't finish with a /
  • Fixed a bug in ATParsingUtility that added a space at the end of the dev's name
  • Fixed download stats
  • Fixed followed developers list not being populated when going back to the screen
  • Fixed for Home banners auto scroll being launched several times in a row
  • Fixed lags and crashes in search when the search contained certain special characters
  • Fixed missing APT partials directory causing install issues in some cases
  • Fixed multiple HTML scraping encoding issues
  • Fixed package not being detected after a source refresh through URL scheme
  • Fixed screenshot caching when scrapping html depiction
  • Fixed thread issue upon source refresh task
  • Fixed url schemes when using escaped characters in the repo url
  • Fixes an issue where in some cases packages would not appear under a developers profile
  • Fixes issue where archives would not be removed
  • If a developer releases new packages, the user will now see the newly released packages instead of all the packages by the developer
  • If coolstar’s bootstrap is detected Bingner’s repository will not be refreshed
  • Improved performance and style of Banners
  • Improved performance of HTML scraped depictions
  • Improved performance of Sileo depictions
  • Improved style of HTML scraped depictions
  • Improved style of Sileo depictions
  • Improved titles and subtitles spacing in depiction description
  • Removed unused API calls
  • Screenshot section is now hidden if there are no screenshots to show
  • Screenshots and home banners are removed if the repo is removed or if the package version has been changed
  • Simplified the URL Schemes and added new options
  • Use a custom User-Agent in WKWebviews
  • improved cached banners presence check

Notice: iOS 10 support has been discontinued in this release. We may look at adding back support for iOS 10 at a later point, however we are focusing on Installer 5.1 for now.
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