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Installer 5
beta 10 release 4
Released: Friday 25th of October 15:50 GMT+1

Most important changes

On top of the standard changes, bugfixes & preventing crashes, this beta features several changes which we’d like to specifically highlight.

UI & UX changes

We are working on a massive interface and user experience overhaul, and this beta introduces the first changes.
  • Redesigned Installation screen.
The installation screen has been completely redesigned. It now features a specific font, progress bar, & only shows dpkg installation information. The view is no longer cluttered with percentage information which was too quick to be relevant anyway. On top of that; if a respring is required, a dynamic respring button will show up on the installation view, rather than showing a new view solely for the respring. These changes result in a much cleaner & clearer installation process.
  • Welcome screen & quick settings
Installer now shows the user a welcome screen upon first launch, and allows the user the import sources from other package managers & select one of our four light & dark modes, including one optimized for OLED devices. This screen will also be used to show the user a changelog after updating to a new version.

Important crash fixes

This beta also fixes several crashes which were reported by our beta testers & users. These are the 3 most important crashes which were fixed, for a list of all crashes which were fixed check below.

  • Fixed a semi-rare crash which occurred almost immediately after launch when a user updated installer.
  • Fixed a very rare crash when the user was refreshing repositories & switched to another tab while a new cell was being loaded
  • Fixed a crash when logging into your AppTapp account

Full Changelog for Installer 5 beta 10


  • Redesigned installation view
  • Redesigned depiction view
  • Added support for icons being defined with file:///
  • Introduces SparkDev, Twickd and the upcoming Chariz reboot as default (but removable) repositories
  • New bookmarks icon
  • New featured packages (Community will soon choose the featured packages)


  • Cleaned up Home view top section
  • Package descriptions in cells are no longer force capitalized, instead showing the original text
  • Screenshots in package depictions are less rounded
  • Removed unused code
  • Improved conflict error reporting
  • Improved clarity of error messages by mentioning the specific package
  • Added additional checks for unusual cases at login to prevent crashes
  • Updated IAmGRoot framework to 1.2
  • Exported the installation method to prevent crashes
  • Installer now uses a better system to show installation date
  • If a repository contains 0 compatible packages we don't show a special view for that anymore

Release 3

  • Improved compatibility with some repositories
  • Improved refresh time
Release 4
  • Improved refresh time
  • Improved error reporting

Crashes fixed

  • Fixed a crash when logging into account
  • Fixed a crash when switching tabs during a source refresh
  • Fixed a crash caused by a nil size key in a packages file
  • Fixed a crash when reviewing a package
  • Fixed a crash when showing followed developer when the user followed a developer who does not have an apptapp account
  • Fixed a crash when using an URL scheme to a developer who does not have an apptapp account
  • Fixed a crash during refresh caused by a nil key
  • Fixed a crash when deleting an invalid repository
  • Fixed a crash when importing repositories from Sileo
  • Fixed a crash which happened when importing sources from the welcome screen
  • Fixed a crash when browsing a package table view while refreshing sources

Other Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where if people switched jailbreaks or had locally installed debs, Installer would still see the old packages (from a repo no longer active) as updates.
  • Fixed conflicts not being seen before install, but being seen by dpkg
  • Fixed getting icons locally from an installed package
  • Fixed a case where a task was added to the queue multiple times
  • Fixed ‘get’ button auto width in web depiction
  • Fixed some package info bring nil in web depiction
  • Fixed an issue where large titles would display incorrectly
  • Fixed issue with Bingner’s repository not loading properly
  • Fixed an issue where Installer permissions were not deescalated properly
  • Fixed Bingner’s repository
  • Fixed an issue where share sheets would cause a crash
  • Fixed packages being displayed as installed after switching jailbreaks
  • Fixed a full source refresh loop
  • Fixed a duplicate categories error
  • Fixed an issue where the default categories would be displayed in other categories
Release 3
  • Fixed issues related to the textfields in the setup views
  • Fixed an issue where packages which were ready to be upgraded were removed
  • Fixed installer lagging when scrolling during a source refresh
  • Fixed featured banners on articles
  • Fixed an issue where there would be no response if the user entered the wrong information in the login window in the setup screen

Release 4
  • Fixed an issue where repositories using gz compression would not load properly causing a 0 packages indication
  • Fixed conflicting constraints in the setup views
  • Fixed repo compatibility issues caused by missing fields in the Release file
  • Fixed progress bar sliding into screen
  • Fixed Dependencies and Conflicts being mismatched due to being case sensitive
  • Fixed status bar being black in the depiction view after the banner was shown one time

Known issues
beta 10 release 4

  • Share button (...) may not work properly at times, and may cause a crash.
  • Status: Cause known, fix incoming

  • Choosing a dark mode in the setup screen doesn't work.
  • Status: Fixed, queueing for release

  • GetZebra repository does not work, we are looking into the problem. This is no intentional block.
  • Status: Investigating


Option 1: from our repository, AppTapp Repo — add this to your current package manager.

Option 2: Download beta 10 release 4 .deb for jailbroken devices

Option 3:
Download beta 10 release 4 .ipa for non jailbroken devices
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