Installer 5 beta 12 is now available

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Sammy Guichelaar

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2 May 2018
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Installer 5
beta 12 release 2
Friday 8th of November 00:51 GMT+1

  • Progress bar is hidden in the console view when all packages tasks are finished
  • Tasks progress bar is moved above the cards for better visibility
  • Database structure has been improved to allow for a better management
  • Improved queue backend code to fix all the dependencies / conflicts issues
  • Made confirmation screen more efficient
  • Removed localisations issues
  • Share button should now be fixed permanently
  • GetZebra repository works again
  • And many many more, we had so many changes we didn't keep track of them all unfortunately

Crashes fixed

  • Fixed crash when viewing certain featured packages due to null markdown
  • Fixed crashes when trying to show the share sheet

Other Fixes:

  • Fixed version comparison using non standard beta delimiter
  • Definitely fixed empty share sheets - Fixed some dependencies not being added to the packages
  • Fixed some packages not having their post install action (respring for example) set
  • Fixed dependencies not found / conflicts found by error due to version parameter
  • Fixed an issue where an update would remove it's dependencies (issue was a typo)

Known issues
beta 12 release 2

  • None

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