Installer 5 RC11 is now available, with several new features (Native dark mode, Language override, and more)

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2 May 2018
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Installer 5
: Release candidate 11

Today we're happy to release Release Candidate 11 to our beta testers. This update offers several new features, has important bug fixes and stability improvements. This update also comes with support for 6 new languages.

Most important changes
  • Installer now supports iOS 13's native dark mode switch.
  • You can now override Installers language, and so set a different language from the iOS system language.
  • Important features which before only were accessible if you had logged in to your AppTapp account are not accessible for everyone.

Language override in RC11

Full changelog

  1. Added Language Override settings
  2. Added basic support for setting the cellType in the RootViewController, still in progress (only supports the picker style currently)
  3. Added new ATUIPickerCell for displaying a UIPicker inline in a tableView
  4. Added support for changing dark/light mode based on the current interface style (iOS 13 only)
  5. Added support for overriding Installers localization settings
  6. Added support for overriding the tableCell style for individual cells in the RootViewContoller class (Settings/Account)
  7. Added support for showing the account name in the Share Account cell
  8. Added support for updating preferences defaults when new settings are added
  9. Amend tvOS alert changes to avoid conflicts with last commit
  10. Changed 'Sign in to Installer' to Sign in with your AppTapp account
  11. Changed gold stars to gray to match design guidelines
  12. Changed settings for transparent top/bottom bars to one setting
  13. Code cleanup: Removed all code for tvOS style views (which are now default)
  14. Enable transparency by default
  15. Fixed a build linking issue
  16. Fixed issue where the Featured tab would not fully update its palette when changing the interface style
  17. Import features can now be accessed without being logged in
  18. Improved RootViewController performance by using dynamic identifiers to reduce reseting cell property values
  19. Removal of Verified indicator
  20. Removed reddit style downvote buttons since they are unused and the feature itself should probably be removed too
  21. Reorganized the entire project
  22. Reorganized the settings page slightly
  23. Updated Realm to 4.3.0
  24. When signing out the Account view no longer pops back to the rootviewcontroller
  25. Overridable strings for RootViewController, Set the title, subtitle, header, or footer text using a method return value

Public release
We get a lot of questions from our users when Installer will be available on the public repository again, and we and really happy so many people are interested in the installer project.

We initially took installer back into private beta because of a massive backend change which would need proper testing before we could release it to the public again.
The last Installer betas which were available on the public repository were from before we switched to using our sandboxed APT implementation, and more than 600 commits behind.
Since then, we've rewritten a lot of the backend, and it shows. Installer's stability is now infinitely better than with the public beta's. We've also added a lot of features our users requested. So now, with RC11, everything seems set for a public release.

We believe RC11 is the last major RC we will send to our beta testers (we may send RC11-1 to fix some tiny UI inconsistencies and such). If everything works out as we think it will, we will release Installer publicly within the coming week.

We'd like to thank everyone for their patience and their continued support. It has been heartwarming to the team to see the user base grow every day, and constantly receive messages from happy users.

Thank you,

- AppTapp

Installer is available in the following languages:
  • Arabic
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese (brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese
  • German
  • Estonian
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian
  • Japanese
  • Korean

Many more languages will be added soon.
If you want to help bring other languages to Installer, feel free to contribute to your language on Installer — Translation Project on Crowdin

Known bugs:
  • The language selector text appears dark in dark modes on iOS 12 and below.

How to get Installer 5 RC11
Join our discord and apply for the beta tester role
Join the AppTapp Discord Server!