Installer 5 RC8 is now available, includes downgrade and ignore update features, faster source refresh and 45+ changes.

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Installer 5
: Release candidate 8
Released: Wednesday 18th of December​

Today we're happy to release Release Candidate 8 to our beta testers. This is a massive update. Some of the most important changes:

- Packages can now be downgraded
- Package updates can now be ignored
- Source refresh should be faster

Full changelog

  1. Added (Upgrade | Downgrade | Remove | Reinstall | Select Version) options
  2. Added ATForceTouchGestureRecognizer (Not Implemented yet)
  3. Added ATRPackageVersion to track all available versions of a package
  4. Added Haptic feedback and animation to GET buttons on GetPackageCell
  5. Added Refresh Source swipe action to source cells in the Manage tab
  6. Added central alert methods for package (options | sharing | version selection) to the app delegate
  7. Added check to see if an icon task exists before creating a new one
  8. Added loading indicator on first view of the manage tab to avoid UI hang while loading data
  9. Added methods for fetching available versions of a package from in ATAPTManager (Unused in favor of database modifications)
  10. Added multiple queuing methods to ATRPackages to handle all queueing operations
  11. Added option menu to the (...) button in package depictions to select package operations
  12. Added option menu when long pressing GET buttons on package cells to select package operations
  13. Added support for Ignore Updates on installed packages
  14. Bumped database schema version to 23
  15. Cleaned up cell loading animation
  16. Cleanup and performance optimizations for ATTask and ATPipelineManager
  17. Disabled XZ/LZMA support temporarily due to final bytes not being written and causing parsing errors
  18. Fix content fitting for SourceCell details
  19. Fix for custom default source icons not being used by ATPersistentImageCache
  20. Fix new sources not appearing until the Manage tab was refreshed
  21. Fixed backdrop shadows not updating correctly
  22. Fixed delay caused by loading installed packages info for each source
  23. Fixed issue in ATSourceRefresh that would result in an invalid url being set for the package location
  24. Fixed majority (if not all) of the lag in the Manage tab
  25. Fixed mistake causing the running task count to always show as 1
  26. Fixed some background color issues in the Featured and Manage tab
  27. Ignore updates by placing a hold on the package (also respects Cydia ignored updates)
  28. Make use of the new isFree convenience method to clean up cell layout code
  29. New Queue icons for (Upgrade | Downgrade | Remove | Reinstall | Install) actions
  30. Only rebuild package cache when needed
  31. Only show "Select Version" option when versions are available
  32. Optimized duplicate operation check
  33. Refactored loading from the database
  34. Refactored post install action handling
  35. Removed deprecated protocol properties in ATTask
  36. Removed the need for source update notifications
  37. Smoother package cell loading
  38. Updated ATPackageDownloadTask to support downloading a specific version of paid/free packages
  39. Updated ATRPackage schema to support package holds
  40. Updated ATSourceRefresh to support forcing a full refresh
  41. Updated ATSourceRefresh to support updating available versions of a package
  42. Updated GET button title setting method for GetPackageCell
  43. Updated PackageCell detail label margins to show more content
  44. Updated SearchController to disable navbar items while showing the search algorithm selector
  45. Updated server modification check and re-enabled it
  46. Updated the database migration utility to trigger a full source refresh the schema changes
  47. Updated the database schema to support downgrade versions from multiple sources
  48. Updated view controllers to use new queue icon method
  49. Updated view controllers to use new queueing methods from ATRPackages

Installer is available in the following languages:
  • Arabic
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese (brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

Many more languages will be added soon.
If you want to help bring other languages to Installer, feel free to contribute to your language on Installer — Translation Project on Crowdin

Known bugs:
  • There may be a crash when launching Installer for the first time after updating, or when automatically refreshing when opening the app.

How to get Installer 5 RC8
Join our discord and apply for the beta tester role
Join the AppTapp Discord Server!
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