Installer 5 RC9 is now available, with 40+ performance & stability changes.

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Installer 5
: Release candidate 9

Today we're happy to release Release Candidate 9 to our beta testers. This is a significant performance and stability update.

Full changelog

  1. Added logging for decompression issues with lzma / xz files
  2. Added share all sources feature, tap the share button in the manage tab to export a source list
  3. Added tap and hold on a source cell to copy the source url
  4. Added refresh button to the manage tab, pull to refresh was the only way to refresh, and its a hidden feature so I thought this was needed
  5. Added sorting of "Select Version" menu options
  6. Added support for If-Modified-Since to replace buggy Last-Modified checks
  7. Added table view animation for source and installed packages updates (add | remove | update)
  8. Attempt at fixing newVersion issues
  9. Attempt at fixing startup crash due to featured packages update
  10. Category icons now use the asset catalog and imageNamed for improved caching and memory usage
  11. Changes controller animations are now smoother and perform better
  12. Changes controller gestures now allow you to cancel by dragging your finger off the view
  13. Changes controller gestures now have a lower priority than button gestures
  14. Changes controller is now guaranteed to always reflect the latest changes in the database as soon as they occur
  15. Changes controller no longer relies on backend caches to populate the view
  16. Changes controller now uses Realm notifications for speed and performance
  17. Cleaned up images, make better use of the Asset catalog
  18. Disabled unused checkForNews method that could occasionally cause a crash
  19. Fix packages install date not being updated after updating a the package
  20. Fixed crash when downloading a paid package
  21. Fixed grammar in "Select Version" alert
  22. Fixed a crash that could occur when updating the installed packages table view
  23. Fixed a crash that would occur using the removeSourceWithLocation: method in ATRSources
  24. Fixed a crash while during rotation
  25. Fixed incorrect value for the X-Machine header
  26. Fixed packages like tetherme8 not showing up due to them existing in another repo
  27. Get buttons now animate title changes ensuring the button size is always correct for the label
  28. Hopefully fixed decompression issues with lzma / xz files
  29. Last-Modified check now returns true if provided an invalid URL
  30. Lowered concurrent refresh operations to 15 (This is experimental, please share any loss of speed during refresh)
  31. Manage controller gestures now allow you to cancel by dragging your finger off the view
  32. Minor formatting changes to the native depictions in PackageDetailsViewController
  33. Readability and performance refactoring of PackagesTableViewController (In Progress)
  34. Reduced updates during source refresh
  35. Reenable LZMA decompression support
  36. Refactored ATRPackageManager and ATRPackages classes
  37. Refresh errors now show a shorter error message in the source cells, and logs the full error
  38. Rewrote ChangesViewController
  39. Some small performance gains, nothing noticeable though
  40. Swipe source cells to open the source info view
  41. Source refresh now uses a common date for all packages refreshed during a refresh cycle
  42. Smoother performance while deleting a source from the manage tab
  43. Updated remaining NSLog usage to internal Log due to some untraceable timeout errors
  44. Updated source refresh counter in the ATPipelineManager

Installer is available in the following languages:
  • Arabic
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese (brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

Many more languages will be added soon.
If you want to help bring other languages to Installer, feel free to contribute to your language on Installer — Translation Project on Crowdin

Known bugs:
  • There may be a crash when launching Installer for the first time after updating, or when automatically refreshing when opening the app.

How to get Installer 5 RC9
Join our discord and apply for the beta tester role
Join the AppTapp Discord Server!
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