Installer 5 release candidate 6 has been released for beta testing with over 70 changes.

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2 May 2018
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Installer 5
: Release candidate 6
Released: Saturday 14th of December​

Today we're happy to release Release Candidate 6 to our beta testers. This is a massive update. Some of the most important changes:

Most important changes
  1. Installer now always runs as mobile, rather than escalating privileges during Installation. (This means lots of random crashes have now been solved.)
  2. Installer now fully supports logging into repositories & listing purchased packages
  3. Installer now supports purchasing packages from within Installer
  4. Rewrote multiple functions, see changelog below
  5. Search now uses exact match, with Fuzzy being an option
  6. Fixed an issue where the confirm screen would incorrectly list packages as incompatible


  1. Added MultiLindeHeaderFooterView class
  2. Added faster packages file equality comparison
  3. Added global exception handler to improve our error logging for simpler debugging
  4. Added global method to check if a source exists with either http or https protocol
  5. Added newline before error messages in the download task
  6. Added per-repo parsing time logging that does not include database writing time
  7. Added search algorithm selection (Exact | Fuzzy)
  8. Allow 3 minutes for package downloads to fix timeouts
  9. Clean up old cache files owned by root
  10. Database migration now has a dedicated class ATDatabaseMigrationUtility
  11. Fix postinst failing if a tmp file has already been removed
  12. Fixed crash on the featured page due to invoking array methods on a nil object
  13. Fixed crash when logging into chariz repo due to endpoint format
  14. Fixed issue where network caching could prevent sources from properly refreshing
  15. Fixed issue where source error messages would remain even after the error has been resolved (not working for archived sources yet)
  16. Fixed potential network caching issues in other areas
  17. Fixed some queueing issues related to ATAPTManager reporting packages as incompatible due to them not being manually queued
  18. Improved Release file parsing
  19. PackageCell now has internal methods to update with package changes (to be invoked from the view controller)
  20. Refactored illegal source catch during source refresh
  21. Refactored navigaionBar handler for the source info view
  22. Refactored search query selection
  23. Refactored source refresh to perform less disk IO operations
  24. Refactoring and Reliability Improvements
  25. Renamed ATRepoStoreUtility to ATRepoStoreAPI and added a convenience category
  26. Repo purchase, endpoint retrieval, and login/logout now uses the new ATRepoStoreAPI class
  27. Rewrote Queue Confirmation view
  28. Rewrote application startup from scratch
  29. SettingsViewController no longer uses delegate methods for responding to theme changes
  30. Show an alert if the database had to be reset due to migration failure
  31. Source info view now shows time since last refresh
  32. Source refreshing will now wait for endpoint confirmation before completing
  33. Updated settings icon to match the new application icon
  34. Yet another attempt at recovering from failed database migration
(Changelog of RC5 which was not publicly released)
  1. Added ATVerboseStyleBlue usage for the "No more running tasks" text
  2. Added badge to FeaturedViewController nav bar
  3. Added check to attempt to recover from failed database migration by deleting the database in this situation and continuing as normal
  4. Added faster checking for existing source entries
  5. Added groot (root tool)
  6. Added haptic touch to copy device specs on the featured page Device Specifications label
  7. Cleanup some of the corrupted repository search results
  8. Disabled navigation title for the SourceViewController
  9. Fix respring PIA action always working for substrate/substitute packages
  10. Fixed "No more running tasks" appearing repeatedly if partially dismissing the verbose view on iOS 13
  11. Fixed all constraints in SettingsController storyboard
  12. Fixed an issue where certain tweaks caused issues with UISwitches
  13. Fixed an issue where sharesheets would be empty and closed automatically
  14. Fixed an issue where sharesheets would sometimes cause a crash
  15. Fixed font warnings in SettingsController storyboard
  16. Fixed issue with ATRPackageManager where it could try to add a duplicate default source for the checkra1n jailbreak
  17. Fixed large titles in PackagesConfirmationViewController
  18. Fixed layout warnings for PackageDetails storyboard
  19. Fixed layout warnings in RepoTransferViewController storyboard
  20. Fixed miss-colored buttons when using darkmode in the SourceViewController
  21. Fixed missing navigation items in the SourceViewController
  22. Fixed more issues caused by privilege escalation
  23. Fixed multiple crashes caused by privilege escalation
  24. Fixed the taskProgresssView showing on the DeveloperDetailsView
  25. Fixed tint color usage in PackagesConfirmationViewController
  26. Fixed use of large titles in the TasksViewController
  27. Fixes an issue where keyboard would sometimes revert back to iOS default
  28. Improved search performance
  29. Installer now always runs as mobile instead of escalating permissions during Installation
  30. Minor refactoring of ATRSources
  31. Refactored navigation items for SourceViewController
  32. Removed iAmGroot
  33. Removed root checks for share-sheets
  34. Removed root escalation methods
  35. Reverted 2d77621 (source refresh speed enhancement) due to it causing packages to be skipped during refresh
  36. Runs developer and repository search on a background thread
  37. Show newly added repos in the tableView faster
  38. Time Since Last Refresh labels now update themselves in the Manage tab
  39. Updated ATAPTManager to use groot commands
  40. When switching to search immediately after opening the app Installer crashes.
  41. switch to primary key package lookup instead of location query, for faster indexed lookup
  42. switch to primary key source lookup instead of location query, for faster indexed lookup

Known Bugs
  1. Lag when switching tabs (most notably when switching back to the manage tab) [Cause known, fix coming as soon as possible]
  2. Due to some unexpected behavior in our networking, we have temporarily disabled some of the optimizations to resolve issues with repositories not updating properly. We are working hard to resolve these issues. This release will have slightly slower refresh speeds, we hope to have the speed back to normal in the next release

How to get Installer 5 RC6
Join our discord and apply for the beta tester role
Join the AppTapp Discord Server!
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Sammy Guichelaar

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2 May 2018
The Netherlands
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Installer 5 RC6-1 has been released on our beta repository for our beta users!

This small update adds support for the extra_recipe jailbreak, adds support for XZ and LZMA package file decompression, and more.

- Add missing partials directories to the APT sandbox so extra_recipe doesn't complain
- Added support for XZ and LZMA Packages file decompression
- Fix DPKG interrupted issues during app launch
- Fix purchaseInfo request url in ATRepoStoreAPI
- Fixed crash when leaving a review for a package
- Fixed notifications registration on iOS 10+
- Refactored source refresh download handler, simpler usually means less room for error
- Removed unneeded title setting in the search controller

If you want to test the beta, join our discord via the link in the main post.