[Open] Bug Report json depictions in peculiar order

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24 May 2018
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Could be just my own twisetd preference, please forgive me if all this is on purpose :)

I find that showing the changelog above the general About/Details section is frustrating (ok, not if one is reading about a package that's already installed). Some might have quite a long and well documented changelog, so scrolling down to the introduction is always an extra procedure...

Another point, this might actually be something that is a bug in the logic. The changelogs ("class":"DepictionStackView","tabname":"Changelog","views":[... HERE ...]), if the views have titles including the version numbers, they get ordered wrong, eg. "Changes 1.3~b1" comes before "Changes 1.3" (then 1.2 and 1.1 are ordered fine later). Understandably, it's a generic sorting, but it's wrong per Debian versioning standard... maybe you could refine this. Unless you could drop the sorting alltogether? Because perhaps some repo wants to show the oldest first or something... right now the repo cannot dictate how to show them in Installer.

Thanks if you find this worth considering.

EDIT: just found someone talking about the same thing essentially here as a Feature request: A way to separate the Full Changelog from the Latest Changelog. I didn't realize you're using the Changelog tab for sort of displaying "What's New" in the package, in that case perhaps see if there are > 1 elements there and only show the 1st one? (in that case the ordering is also important so to pick the actual last one / first one from the json)
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