Important Template for reporting an issue

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Althrough we spent countless hour making sure Installer is as bug free as possible issues could happen. To make them easy to fix, please use the template provided below to report any issue you saw. Incomplete reports may result in a long resolution or none at all so please, make your best to be as clear as possible ;)


What were you going to do ?

Expected Results

What was expected to happen following your actions ?

Actual Results

What happened instead of what you expected to happen ?

Steps to Reproduce

Please provide the exact steps required to reproduce the issue. Be as detailed as possible even if that mean to include the littlest part you thought that was unecessary to tell about. You can also include screenshots to explain your issue more clearly if you want to.

Links to your log and database files

Installer create a log file in its directory to be sure that every errors are logged. This file is located in /var/mobile/Library/Application\ Support/Installer/log.log. Please provide a link to it (either a cloud provider where we could access it or paste system like - Free Paste Service or - #1 paste tool since 2002!).
Also to be able to be in the same state as you while trying to debug your issue, please provide a link to your database located in /var/mobile/Library/Application\ Support/Installer/default.realm (same as before, any cloud providers that would allow us to access the file)

Installed version of Installer

The installed version of Installer that caused the issue. You can find it at the top of the Home page.

Thanks for your cooperation ;)
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