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AppTapp Patreon Page

Hi everyone,

We're happy to launch our Patreon page today, and for our pledgers the first Installer 5.1 beta with redesigned home screen!

Link to our Patreon: AppTapp is creating Software | Patreon


Why we chose to launch a patreon
While we are working on Installer 5.1 we are also adding some new features which heavily depend on our servers. These new features will significantly increase the server cost. Because of this, we are launching our AppTapp Patreon today. This will grant access to internal development builds of Installer 5.1. Pledgers of the second or third tier can also backup their jailbreak setup to the server, disable all ads on the forum and more.

Soon, we will be adding download history to that list. Because this feature is heavy on the server and because Installer’s user base has been growing rapidly, with 5.1 attracting way more people than we had planned, we can not have this feature be available for free. While we would like to have these features be available for everyone, we hope you also realise the technical limitations behind this.

Installer is especially server heavy with its many server dependant features (reviews, upvotes, most downloaded logging, search trending, etc) and we want to keep expending our feature-set.

We will not make any existing features paid, and (if technically feasible) all of our upcoming features will be free for everyone. The features which are paid are only available because the premium users are directly supporting our server bills, which these features increase. Please keep in mind that these features are not essential to the functioning of Installer. They are special features only we offer because of our server infrastructure.

Why patreon?

Our AdSense is being taken down by an unknown party, and while Google is ‘Looking into it’ there currently is no update. Installer, and the infrastructure around it cost the team quite some money. We pay for the servers, forum software and themes, GitHub, CloudFlare, and we have paid some developers in the past. These are (mostly) monthly recurring costs, and we currently have no way of covering that cost. It has come out of our pockets since we started developing Installer in late 2017. When we were in the early development stages, we created a whole list of features we’d love for a package manager to have, one of them being download history. Unfortunately with countless Installer users who regularly use it, this would be impossible to realise without server costs skyrocketing. While we disliked the idea of adding features which were paid, we eventually decided it would be best to offer the user the option to use the exclusive server-heavy features for a small membership fee. I want to emphasise again that none of the features which don’t rely heavily on the server will ever become paid. The premium account in not a way for us to earn, it is a way to cover the costs.

How do I become a pledger?

You can become a pledger via the following link: AppTapp is creating Software | Patreon

How do I get access to the private builds?

When you chose the second to third tier, you will immediately have access to the posts which contain the new builds.

What do you do with the money?

AppTapp is a registered company, and as such has several monetary obligations. Some of the payment will go to our server provider, which has been doing a splendid job at keeping our servers up, even in times of heavy load. The money will also be used for our forum software license, security audits, GitHub, CloudFlare, and things alike.

Does AppTapp have commercial products?

Not yet, but we are working on several. You'll hear more about it soon.

Thats it, if you have any questions regarding the company, account upgrades or staff, reply below! Any other questions, please use discord or Twitter.

- Sam
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