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Sammy Guichelaar

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2 May 2018
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Hello Everyone!

It's been a long time since you've heard from us. As is the case for everyone, this year has not been an easy one for our team, and several team members were quite busy with their personal lives, and because of that, Installer 5.1 took longer than we expected and wanted.
We are however very proud to announce that Installer 5.1 Public BETA is available for everyone today.

What is Installer 5.1?

Installer 5.1 is a complete redesign and a major backend rewrite, which included several new features and fixing a whole lot of bugs.
Nearly everything you see has been completely rethought and redesigned.
While designing, we asked for feedback from our users, and made changes based on their feedback.

Installer BETA currently supports iOS 13 and higher. Upcoming releases will add back support for iOS 12.

Known issues & Limitations (Read this carefully!)

High Importance: Installer will reset its database.
5.1 uses a new database which is incompatible with the database older versions of Installer used. A graceful migration is not possible, so Installer will reset its own database. This means that the sources you added in Installer will be reset (removed), as well as the followed developers. This has absolutely no implications on your jailbreak at all, it will NOT delete sources from other package managers, nor will it delete tweaks. You can always import your sources from other package managers.

Medium Importance: Package Backups are currently disabled. Repository backups do work.
We are reworking the backup system, and until this has been completed, the function has been disabled.

Low Importance: This is the first public beta release.
While we've spent a lot of time refining Installer and fixing all bugs we came across, bugs and crashes are to be expected. If you do find a bug or a crash, please report them on our GitHub issue tracker!

[Potentially solved] Low Importance: Local installation bug.
If you install a deb with version 1.1 locally (via SSH, Filza, etc) and then later uninstall it, Installer will still see the 1.1. version as being available, and will suggest an update for it, even though the version is not available on any repository. We are currently changing the way updates are detected to fix this.

Main features
  1. All purchased packages in one view
  2. Allow changing the language to any desired language
  3. Automatic category uncluttering
  4. Automatic dark mode switching on iOS 13
  5. Backup your jailbreak setup
  6. Biometric authentication for package tasks
  7. Blue dark mode
  8. Clear icon & screenshot cache
  9. Community based featured packages
  10. Downgrade packcages
  11. Exact or Fuzzy search
  12. Fastest package installation available
  13. Fastest source refreshing
  14. Follow a developer and get notified when they release a new package
  15. Hide or show several elements on the package cells
  16. Hide updates
  17. Ignore updates
  18. Importing repositories from other package managers
  19. Log in to all stores in one view
  20. Native depictions using Sileo's json
  21. Native parsed depictions for ModMyi, Zodttd, & BigBoss
  22. Notifications instead of alerts
  23. OLED dark mode
  24. Option to automatically show web depictions over native depictions
  25. Package search history
  26. Rate packages
  27. Removing a package from the queue does not dismiss the whole queue
  28. Restore your jailbreak setup from a backup
  29. Review packages
  30. See conflicts before install
  31. See dependencies before install
  32. See how many packages you have installed per repository
  33. See if a package needs a respring before installation
  34. See more packages from a developer regardless of the repository they are on
  35. See when a repository was last updated
  36. Share source list
  37. Sileo's payment API support for seamless package payments
  38. Sort packages by repository
  39. Trending search terms
  40. Tweakcompatible indicators for all packages
  41. Wishlist for packages


Available now

Get Installer 5.1 BETA on


If you want to support us and help cover development costs,
please consider subscribing to our patreon, for early access to new betas, features, and more.

Note about our Twitter:
Twitter suspended our @AppTappTeam twitter account and has not responded to our appeal for over 3 months, despite claiming to get back to us within days. We have again contacted twitter to get the account unsuspended.

For updates on Installer, please follow our temporary twitter account @AppTappSoftware and following AppTapp team members:



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Sammy Guichelaar

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2 May 2018
The Netherlands
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[email protected]
Installer 5.1 public beta 2 (build 72) is now available.

This build fixes several bugs which were reported for the previous build.

  1. Added a safeguard to avoid crash in the rare cases where the package download url is empty
  2. Added back swipe option to uninstall
  3. Fix for the local installation issue
  4. Fixed "See older packages" button being overlapped by the queue HUD
  5. Fixed Get button to reacting to state changes in the Web depiction view
  6. Fixed checking for successful login when you have another language than English set
  7. Fixed local backup feature not implemented following 5.1 update
  8. Fixed the space issue between the recent package table view and the bottom of the screen

Github issues fixed & closed: #115, #116, #117, #121, #122, #123, #124.

Please remember we will only be able to respond to bug reports if the bug is filed on our Github Issue Tracker: AppTapp/Installer-Issues