Installer 5 release candidate 4 has been released for beta testing

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Installer 5
: Release candidate 4
Released: Sunday 10th of December​

After yesterdays massive rc3-2 release we are excited to now release rc4. This version addresses most of the issues which were reported by our beta testers yesterday.

Two weeks ago, we released release cadidate 1. See for the changelog & release notes see
Important - Installer 5 release candidate has been released for beta testing

New source refresh indicator


  1. Added a completely new source refresh indicator
  2. Refresh operations are now timed, and after completion show the time the refresh operation took.
  3. Added another error handler to stop the task being stuck in the event of a failed download
  4. Added observeTraitCollection property to ATPalettedViewController to observe apples darkmode changes on iOS 13 (this should stay disabled for now)
  5. Added option to reset overrides in ATPalettedViewController
  6. Added primary key to ATRPackage for faster indexed queries
  7. Added some convenience properties to ATPalettedViewController
  8. Adjusted ATPalette defaults
  9. Adjusted the task descriptions to further narrow down the infinite running task cause
  10. Completely removed all custom statusbar code
  11. Ensure the network does not take a break, start downloading the packages file immediately when the release file is done downloading
  12. Faster and smoother source refreshing
  13. Fixed a crash when exiting web depictions due to unregistering observers
  14. Fixed constraints on WebDepictionViewController to fix missing content
  15. Fixed duplicate separators on the SoucreCells
  16. Fixed light mode on the Contact Developer view
  17. Fixed progress view showing in the manage tab
  18. Fixed statusbar not updating when setNeedsStatusBarAppearanceUpdate is called on a view controller
  19. Fixed strange behavior with statusbar updating when switching light/dark mode
  20. Fixed web depictions not loading
  21. Open In Safari, now opens using an in app browser
  22. Refactored ATFloatingHudView to support showing tasks
  23. Removed a couple navbar buttons for opening the queue, because the Floating Hud can be accessed from anywhere to invoke the queue
  24. Removed all code for showing task count/progress in the navigation bars
  25. Renamed ATTabBarControllerViewController to ATTabBarController
  26. Renamed QueueGlanceView to ATFloatingHudView
  27. Updated (AccountViewController, CategoriesTableViewController, ChangesViewController, FeaturedViewController, ManageViewController, SearchViewController, SettingsViewController, SubcategoriesViewController) to ATPalettedViewController themeing, this removed thousands of lines and boosted UI performance slightly.
  28. Updated ATPalette with a couple additional properties
  29. Updated ATTabBarController to support observing running tasks
  30. Use a non-serial session for repo checks, this allows for asynchronous requests, and it does not run on the main thread, meaning less UI lag when invoking a refresh with a lot of sources.
  31. WebDepictionViewController now uses ATPalettedViewController fot theming
  32. Websites that support apple darkmode now update when the darkmode is switched in app
  33. Fixed an issue where cy+ packages would appear as updates. Updating them would fail.
  34. Starting with the next release, Installer will respring when updating itself.

Known Bugs
  1. Lag when switching tabs (most notably when switching back to the manage tab) [Cause known, fix coming as soon as possible]
  2. When switching to search immediately after opening the app Installer crashes. [Actively working on this]

How to get Installer 5 RC4
Join our discord and apply for the beta tester role
Join the AppTapp Discord Server!
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